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We are in a Property of almost 50 Hectares, in those that Trap, American Trap, can be practiced a Skeet, a Perusal, 2 Compaq Sporting and 5 Journeys of Hunt with all type of clays that you/they imitate the different animals, plomeo irons.
For the Provincial and Autonomous tests they have two Lines of Shot.
Throwing 36 marksmen without interruption can be comfortably.
The area of parking of cars is full with centennial oaks that he/she makes of the place a sublime place.
The Cafeteria and the Restaurant are decorated with rustic wood to enjoy a typical country atmosphere of a shot day

They are the hunt journeys, having five at the present time, including all type of trajectories in normal clays, minis, super minis, medallions, vertical, rabbits, luper, Catalan, in open field between mount and pinegrove.
We have a tower twelve meters high and an English machinery of technology tip (machines Junior and Ranger of Promatic).

Machine Ranger of Superminis.